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Weimaraner Puppies

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Some information and pictures regarding a Weimaraner puppy
The weimaraner puppy was originally bred to be a hunter. Royalty used them to catch deer, boar, and bears. As big game became more scarce, the wimaraner dog started to be used for smaller game like rabbits and foxes. The One of the better traits of the weimaraner is they have webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers.

The name Weimaraner comes from Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach who was an avid fan of hunting.
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The weimaraner puppy breed and dog has been bred sometime in the lat 18th century, although some spectulate the weimaraner dates all the way back into the 13th century. Louis of France is thought to be the first to have a weimaraner. Another theory is that the weimaraner puppy breed was actually from the St. Hubert Hound (combination of the bloodhound and sleuth hound)

The weimaraner puppy is known to be a black dog, though can be bred grey. Very similar to the Vizsla puppy, the breed was created for royalty and made to look noble. They soon became avid hunting dogs. Back in the day, it was rare for people to own the weimaraner as it was thought to be for higher class society. In fact, it was restricted for people to even breed the weimaraner. Today the weimaraner puppy and dog is great for families, hunting, and a loyal companion.
Germany quickly adapated the weimaraner puppy and dog for their usefullness in hunting. Some of the beginning stories of the weirmaraner involved them being sterilized in order to not be bred for common purpose. However their utility quickly overcame these breeding standard and the weimaraner become a very popular pet. Even though the weimaraner isn't as agile as the pointer, it's thoroughness has allowed it to be a very popular gundog. It's breed is also a very lively dog making them great around kids and families.
The weimaraner puppy is a very athletic dog, even when it comes to their appearance. When it comes to the breeding standard, the weimaraner dog is balanced from head to toe. This characteristic makes them pleasing to look at. This balance also gives the weimaraner the ability to be a working dog, hunting dog, or just your every day companion.

When it comes to characteristics, the weimaraner's tail is typically docked to 1/3rd it's natural length. This is the typical AKC standard, but some countries will not allow the docking. The eyes will be one of 3 variations. Amber, grey, or blue.
The weimaraner puppy and dog's size can very between sexes. The AKC standards have the mail between 25 to 27 inches. The female weimaraner is slightly shorter at 23 to 25 inches. This makes them a medium sized breed when compared to other dogs of similar stature. The weimaraner is also athletic making them fairly light for their size. The male can grow to about 70-80 pounds while the female weimaraner grows to about 55-60 pounds. This also allows the weimaraner to have a muscular build to them.
The Weimaraner puppy breed has a short coat and unique eyes to it's breed. With having a short coat, there really is no maintenance involved with grooming your weimaraner. The coat can also either be smooth or hard to the touch and can very from charcoal to a light grey. In areas such as the inside of the weimaraner's ears or lips will be a little more pinkish in color. With the short coat also means you should never have the weimaraner puppy or dog be in extremely cold conditions.

There were several standards set by the United Kennel Club that disqualified the weimaraner to have longhair. This was overturned in 2010. The only disqualification now is the weimaraner can't have a black coat. A weimaraner can have a blue coat and will still be considered a pure bred by the AKC. Though not always the case, the grey coat is the most common color for the weimaraner and used often for dog shows.

A long haired weimaraner puppy will have a smoother coat and recognized in many other kennel clubs other than the AKC. It's tough to breed the long haired weimaraner puppy and dog as the gene is recessive so only parents that have the trait can breed.

From when the weimaraner puppy is born, they need constant exercise to keep their energy down to "normal". Their constant energy is what makes them great for hunting as they have incredible endurance and stamina. The weimaraner will also strive for attention so be prepared to go on long walks and even play games with them. If you are in need of exercise, the weimaraner might be the dog for you. The weimaraner is also a high strung breed which causing a constant amount of training to teach them to calm down and control their behavior in certain situations. They can be a bit stubborn so be patient when training your puppy. However they need an alpha so make sure to be firm with your training. Without enough exercise and attention the Weimaraner has been known to be a bit destructive. They more or less just try to keep mentally stimulated and can often make up their own games. They are also great food stealers and will do whatever they can when nobody is looking.

As far as families, the weimaraner is great with children, but might be a little to active for smaller kids. They do tend to jump and can easily knock a child down in their playful state. This also holds true with really any person so continue with inforcement on your traning to limit the excitement they have around new people.

Other than the family traits, weimaraner are still used as hunting dogs. This gives them great instincts for catching prey. If trained right they can be good around cats and small animals, but this will take some constant training. If left alone, the weimaraner will kill most small animals that enter it's field of vision. If in a rural setting, don't be surprised if your weimaraner starts chasing deer or sheep.

Once again, remember to constantly train your weimaraner. Their instincts make them stubborn in certain situations. However always know the weimaraner is a great companion and will stick with you no matter what. In fact their nickname is Velcro Dog as once they know who their alpha is, they will stick to their side. They may even lean on you while on walks.

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