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Corgi Puppy
Some information regarding a corgi puppy
Often considered the twin of the collie puppy, the corgi is another breeding dog built for it's endurance and agility. Originating in Wales, there are a couple variations of this breed, but the most common is the Pembroke. These dogs love to run and when given the opportunity will herd at any chance they get. They are considered a healthy dog and can live well into their mid teens if given the proper attention.

As a faithful pet, they love to show their affection as ask the same in return. However, as a herding dog, expect them to nip at peoples heels if not trained as a puppy. Their stature and agility also makes them perfect for avoiding getting kicked by both livestock and humans. They were bred to keep the herd moving forward so their stubborness can be both a good and bad trait. Here are several photos of the corgi puppy so take a look and see if they are the right dog for you.
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aussie corgi puppy
black corgi puppy
corgi puppy
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welsh corgi puppy
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welsh corgi dog
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