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Collie Puppy
Some information regarding a collie puppy 
Most think of the collie as the number one herding dog and in most cases you would be correct. Originally from Scotland, this medium sized dog is extremely quick and instinctavily has a nact for herding. Their agilty can keep some of the most stubborn animals in check and will go until the last one is in a stable. 

As working dogs, the collie will want a lot of attention. Make sure you are ready to walk them at least once a day and can give them a couple hours of stimulation a day. Because they are extremely smart, it's not hard to train them and after a few months as a puppy, they will easily follow command. In America, the collie is still used as working dogs, herding sheep and cattle, but most are commonly used as pets. Take a look at some pictures below and get a taste for cute this puppy is.
Collie Puppy
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black collie puppy
collie dog
border collie puppies
border collie puppy
collie puppy
collie puppy picture
cute collie puppy
golden collie puppy
collie puppies
white collie puppy
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