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Doberman Pinscher Puppies

Doberman Pinscher
Some information and pictures regarding an Doberman Pinscher puppy
The Doberman Pinscher is a domestic breed created in the late 1890's. They are highly intelligent and make a very loyal companion. In fact, the doberman puppy and dog are so loyal, they were used as police dogs until the german shepard took over.

The doberman pinscher is a very recognizable breed. This is due to their appearance and more importantly, the attention they have received in the media with regards to temper. With enhancements in breeding, the doberman puppies are not a great companion for any family.

Pictures on this page show that Doberman Pinschers are a medium size breed when compared to other dogs and puppies. They are also are very athletically built making them quick dogs. When it comes to weight, male doberman puppies can reach up to 80-100 lbs where the femail doberman pinscher puppy can grow to about 65-90 lbs.

The two main colors of the dober pinchers is black and brown. However there are variations where you may find some breeders making black, red, fawn, or blue. Their tails are typically long, but these days, breeders have them surgically shortened during their puppy stage.

A very common apearance of the doberman pinscher puppy is having their ears cropped (see puppy pictures). This was orginally done when they were guard and police dogs to help their hearing. This procedure is done in the first several weeks of being born in order for a higher success.

The doberman pinscher puppy and dog is known to be aggressive. They were used for personal protection and were made to be intimidating and have the ability to protect their owner. This worked well for police, but as soon as the german shepard came around, these puppies and dogs had a tough time transitioning to family dogs.

Studies have shown that the doberman pinscher puppy is less aggressive in North America than Europe. This has to do with breeding techniques and the lines they come from. In the end, doberman pinscher puppies down have to be aggressive. With the right traning, they can make wonderful family pets. They are highly intelligent dogs and are great around kids.

Dobermans are actually ranked as one of the smartest dogs and puppies. They have a great ability for problem solving and communication. Some hard evidence is that they have been consdered 5th smartest when it comes to obedience.

Doberman Pinscher puppies will grow to adults and live to about 10-14 years. Common health issues can arrive from cardiomyopathy and von Willebrand's disease. Studies have also shown that dobermans can suffer from prostatic disease. The biggest way to combact that is by neutering your puppy.

The overwhelming cause of death is dilated cordiomyopathy. Amost 40% of this breed is diagnosed with this health issue and once diagnosed, has less than a year to live.


Doberman Pinschers were told to be bred first in Germany. Karl Louis Doberman was a tax collector and also owned a dog pound. His goal was to create a breed that could helop protect him when he had to collect taxes. When pairing several breeds together, he was able to create the doberman we know today (see above pictures)

There is no proof behind how the doberman got it's appearance, but history is said to included the german pinscher, beauceron, great dane, gryhound, rottweiler, and german shorthaired pointer. The exact ratios are uncertain. Many also believe that the german shepard played a part in the mix (pictures of the doberman puppy do show a resemblance).

When Dobermann died in 1894, the breed was officially named after him. During WWII, the US made the Doberman Pinscher the office "war dog"
Doberman Pinscher Puppy
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