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Golden Retriever Puppies

Some information regarding an Golden Retriever Puppy
This medium sized dog is one of the more friendlier dogs you will ever meet. From a puppy, they instantly will cling to their owner soaking up as much attention as possible. When their owners aren't around, they will then seek strangers for a belly rub or head scratch. Either way, the golden retriever is constantly looking for love and affectoin so make sure you have enough time to devote.

Developed for retreival purposes, the puppy and dog is one of that best at hunting down small game such as ducks or birds. There gentle side makes sure they unharm the animal and their love for water guarantees they will go wherever needed. With a double coat of a shade of gold, they can keep incredibly warm in the winter and reflective in the summer. Take a look at the golden retriever puppy below and see how versatile they are. For the elderly them make great companions as they are often used as guide dogs for both the hearing and the blind.
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Golden Retriever Puppy
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Golden Retriever Puppy
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