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Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo Puppy
Some information and pictures regarding a Cockapoo puppy
Cockapoo Puppy
The cockapoo puppy is a breed originating in the United states that is a cross between the cocker spaniel and the poodle. The cockapoo can either be of American or English decent and usually bred with a toy poodle or two cockapoos. The cockapoo puppies life expectancy is between 15-18 years and are of a medium sized dog.

The cockapoo mixture of the poodle and cocker spaniel causes a few heath issues. Both breeds suffer from loose knees making the cockapoo puppy prone to such disease. It is recommended to get exams periodically with this breed. The cockapoo dog is also prone to eye disorders and ear infections. Before breeding the cockapoo puppy, make sure you get the proper exams and DNA tests to ensure good health. Also it is important to clean the cockapoos ears in order to avoid infections.
black cockapoo puppy
cockapoo puppy
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cockapoo dog
cute cockapoo puppy
female cockapoo puppy
cockapoo puppies
white cockapoo puppy
golden cockapoo puppy
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