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Some information and pictures regarding a vizsla puppy
The vizsla puppy is said to be away Hungarian descent. The vizsla breed is perfect for family dogs or hunting. When compared to other breeds like the pointer or golden retriever the vizsla is smaller to medium sized breed. It's agility and stature makes the vizsla the perfect all-around dog for hunting and companionship. Its nose is one of the best for natural hunting abilities.
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When it comes to appearance the vizsla has a medium-sized coat and very distinguished markings. The vizsla is a leaner dog and built for endurance. This breed can mistakenly be called the Weimaraner for its very similar characteristics. This isn't the only dog that the vizsla is mistaken for. Some say the vizsla looks like Rhodesian ridge back. Lewis think the vizsla looks more like a coonhound. The one trait that will help distinguish the vizsla is its nose. This can range from black brown pink and different variants of each. The vizsla I was should get, and similarity to its coats color.

In AKC standards the vizsla is a solid gold in color but some say it looks more rustic. Small shades of white can be found on its for chest and areas of its neck.
The vizsla's coat is normally a golden color that can vary from light to dark. You may from time to time see white markings on it's belly or around its neck. However, the AKC standards are for the vizsla to look rustic.

As far as the vizsla's coat, it should also be extremly short and smooth. For this reason, this dog isn't meant for cold conditions and should remain indoors during the day. Without an undercoat, the vizsla can only handle short bursts of cold weather. Good news is with having a very short coat, the vizsla is a self cleanind breed and would only need bathed and groomed once in a while. Even if you don't bathe your vizsla, their coat allows them to have very little to no dog odor. The only time you may smell your vizsla puppy is if they go go for a swim in a lake or stream. Even then they only acquire the wet dog smell.
The AKC standard is to have the vizsla puppy have it's tail docked 1/3 of its normal length. Most countries have banned the docking of the vizsla tail such as the UK. The reason is the Vizsla will hold it's tail up and wag it while going through schrub and bushes when chasing game. This can cause many cuts and even a broken tail dending on what the Vizsla goes through. There are minimal cases where the Vizsla has had to go to the emergency clinic for tail damage, but the AKC believes there is enough reason to dock the vizsla tail for working reasons.
More Information on the Vizsla Puppy

The vizsla is a working breed and therefor is a high energy dog. However it can be tamed with consistant training and is a very loyal and affectionate puppy and dog. Once the vizsla knows you it will quickly form a bond with you and has been given the nickname velcro. There effection isn't too anooying and in fact the vizsla is a quite dog and won't bark unless provoked to do so. If your vizsla puppy does feel neglected, it may start to cry for your attention.

The vizsla is a great hunting dog and can be trained quite easily. They take after the german pointer and retriever making them great at catching small game. The vizsla will retrieve in water or land, but need trained to do so. Don't be harsh in your training as the vizsla is a very sensitive breed and can't take warnings the wrong way. With enough exerciese and coaching, you will love to have the vizsla next to your side when using your gun.

Other than hunting, the vizsla is also great with families. They will live for attention and social interaction. Being a very smart breed, the vizsla needs challenged metally and physically. When put in front of children, the vizsla puppy and dog is extremely gental . They will if sleep with their owner and if given the chance, your vizsla will get under the covers with you.

With it's build, the vizsla is a medium built breed and is just a bit longer than in height. From head to toe, the vizsla puppy and dog is quite muscular and you will noticed a line that goes through it's forehead. The vizsla has a flesh color nose as well as within its ears. It's tail is typically docked 1/3rd as accustom by AKC standards. This is illegan in many parts of the world specifically Europe, but acceptable in America. The vizsla also has its dewclaws removed. 

The vizsla is one of the more gentle breeds, but needs constant attention. With mental stimulation will allow them to be trained quite easily. Just know you have to be patient as the vizsla puppy and dog is emotional and don't understand harsh training. However the vizsla needs to know you are the authority figure or they can become stuborn. With enough exercies, the vizsla has no problem adapting to the family life and can be quite good with other breeds of dog.  It is good to socialize your vizsla with other dogs and people at an early age. With socializing your vizsla, they can even be tolerant of other animals.

We can't say this enough. Make sure you exercise your vizsla. Withouth enough exercies, they can become destructive. They will also get overly eager and can get way to excited in certain situations. In your training, make sure to let your vizsla know what you want them to accomplish. They won't be easy to control if you don't properly train them. With emotion they can become easily anxiest and high strung. If going hunting with them, make your vizsla track, retrieve, and point out all small game.

When it comes to the origin of the vizsla, people believe this breed dates back all the way into the 13th century. The vizsla is from Hungary who bred them purely for hunting. Vizsla means pointer in Hungarian and was named that for their incredible talent to hunt small game. Their noses will guide the vizsla and their endurance will make sure their tireless efforts dont't go unnoticed. After World War II, the vizsla was quickly adopted by Russia as they wer afraid the vizsla might disappear. The vizsla was soon brought over to America. Here the long haired Vizsla was created.
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