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Japanese Akita Puppies

Some information regarding an Akita puppy
Akita puppies are a larger breed of dog. They were named for Akita Prefecture and can also be called Akita-ken based off the readings of the Japanse kanji. The only other common name for this dog is the Japanse Akita. When compared with the American and Canadian version, Akita's are actually considered a different breed to the Japanse version.

The Akita breed is typically 24-26 inches at the withers. Male Akita's typical way between 75 to 120 pounds compared to the female akita which is anywhere between 70 to 100 pounds. The Japanse Akita puppy comes in 5 different colors: Red, White, Sesame, Fawn, and Brindle. When it comes to the black mask, that feature is only apparent in the American Akita and not permitted in the Japanase Akita Inu.

When starting comparing the American Akita with the Japanase version, the American Akita is a heavier, larger, and more colorful puppy. The Japanese Akita is considered to be the elegant version as it doesn't allow for as many different versions. Because of the stingent polices setup in Japan, they have been seperated seperated into 2 breeds: The American Akita and the Akita Inu.
Japanese Akita Puppy
Akita Puppy
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akita puppy
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The lifespan of an Akita is typically around 10 years which is fairly normal for breeds of the same size. The most common causes of death for the Akita is cancer, gastrointestinal, and cardiac problems.


The Akita is a very popular breed in Japan. In fact they were used on postage stamps for some time. Dating back to their ancestors, the Matagi, an Akita is one of the oldest and native dogs in their country. The Akita Inu was bred and developed from the Matagi in the northern region of Japan.

The Akita breed did take a hit in WWII because of the lack of food. They were also skinned for fur to keep armies warm.
white japanese akita puppy
akita dog
After WWII, the Akita bred began to make a quick comeback. At first they were bred for appearance purposes, but once this elegant dog starting to gather street value, the Akita was starting to breed to bring back the history and original charactertics from years ago. US servicemen loved the Akita so much that they started to import many of them on their return home. 

When getting into the history of the America Akita, Helen Keller was crediting with introducing it. She was a vig fan of larger dogs and truely loved the loyalty of the Akita. From there the American Akita began and started to take on more traits with colors and masks on their face. The American Akita and Japanase version really started to take shape in the 20th century. Japanase wanted to keep that elegance to the breed while Americans went with the larger, heavier breed that came after WWII.
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Simiilar to the Siberian Husky, Akita's have a double coat. A ver dense undercoat and a thick outer coat for harsh winters. Because of the thickness in their coats, it is very important to have regular gromming. Also be awar that an Akita will have very heavy shedding, especially once it starts to become warm outside in the spring and summer months.
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