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Japanese Akita Puppy

Some information regarding the Japanese Akita Puppy
The American Akita comes in many colors including white, black, chocolate, or brindle. They may also come in a combination of any of the aforementioned light and dark colors. Bright, clear colors are preferred in the show ring.

Their undercoat is soft and very dense, while their topcoat is short, and the combination creates a full, fluffy coat all over which sheds year round.

Japanese Akitas don't require fancy grooming. Baths should be given once every two or three months (more often if the dog likes to romp in the mud), and nails should be trimmed once per month. Akitas shed 365 days a year, and two or three times a year they will fully shed their coats. Daily or weekly brushing can reduce the amount of fur that is blown around the house, and will keep the coat soft and manageable.

Japanese Akita puppy are notorious for resisting grooming, so puppies should be brushed from a young age, and feet should be handled so they are open to nail trimmings.
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Japanese Akita Puppy
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