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Akita Inu Puppy

Some information regarding the Akita Inu Puppy
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Akita Inu Puppy
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Most people will tell you that this breed is difficult at an early age, but can grow into one of the greatest household pets if trained properly. In most cases this is true as they can be very independant and often will do what they want. However with constant discipline that akita dog will listen to it's owner.

The appearance of the puppy is like none other. From it's erect ears to it's white muzzle, you can easily identify them compared to similar dogs. The Akita Inu puppies are a breed that has been around for a long time and have adapted as such. If there's anything you take away from this website, know that you must socialize your dog. They are known for being overly protective, so make sure you get them around other dogs at a young age. They are great around kids, but the more you can socialize them, the better household animal they will be.
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The akita inu is one of those breeds that is hard to understand. One day they can lay next to you and the following they don't want to be near you. They do show a lot of similar traits as the husky when it comes to independance and can often be by themselves with no issue. However they are people dogs and will quickly show their affection when you come home. It's important to show attention back as they can get destructive if given the opportunity.

Other things to note is that you will want to socialize them at an early age. The akita inu puppy likes to show of it's alpha male characteristics and can be aggressive towards other dogs or small animals if not taught at an early age. If you can get them to dog parks or puppy day care, you will see them open up to other breeds throughout their life. We do recommend keeping them under supervision, but having a docile akita inu will make you a happier owner. Check out some more images below and use the links on the left to learn more about how to train your dog.