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Akita Information

Some information regarding the Akita
If your looking for an Akita, here is a bit of information on this breed.

First off make sure that you are ready for this energized dog. They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation in order to live a healthy life. Info suggests that the Akita is a very strong willed dog and without proper training, can become a terror within your house. Don't take this as a threat as the Akita can make a wonderful pet, they just need to be trained to do so.

There are two standards of information on the Akita. The first is through the AKC and the second from the CKC. There are a lot of similarities between both standards, but the info will dictate that the appearace can sometimes be different. Which ever breed you go with, it is said that the Akita first started in Japan as a hunting dog. They quickly were adapted in the U.S for the same purpose as the Akita can bee very agile. Over time, these breed has also been mixed with the German Shepherd to bring them into the Military.
If this is going to be your first dog, we don't recommend you go with the Akita. This dominant dog can have a temperament and without the right training wouldn't be a good dog to have around children. Make sure you read up on as much information as you can so you can make the right decision for your family. However if you have the time to put in, the Akita can be one of the best breeds to own as they will be loyal from puppy to death. There are thousands of families that love this breed as they will show you as much affection as possible. Even at dog parks you will get people coming up to say how cute your puppy is. So don't be worried if you don't know exactly what your doing as there are enough sites and books to help you learn quickly.

Mor information on the Akita. The U.S adopted the Akita in 1972. Japan continued to import them until the early 90's and is still one of the most popular breeds to this day. There's no where you won't find the akita playing with other dogs. Check out additional information on the left.
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Akita Information
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Akita Information
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