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Akita Dog Breeders

Some information regarding the Akita Dog Breeders

If you looking for more a an energetic working dog, the the akita dog breed would be perfect for you. The Akita is a very lovable and loyal companion and serve as the dominant figure. Breeders would explain to you how these dogs are always on alert and can be very protective of their owner. When it comes to appearance, the Akita dog is most noticably found with it's short erect eears and white muzzle. As said before, depending on what kind of breed you are looking for, the Akita is either going to be the perfect household pet for you or a living nitemare. Make sure you have enough time ot put in to make sure they grow to be a happy and fufilled dog. Check with breeders for more informaiton.

Breeders of the Akita puppy need to remember one rule. Socialize! These dogs need to be with other dogs and people in order to prevent them from being overly protective. The akita dog can be one of the best breeds around family, but just make sure that you socialize them enough to do so.
Akitas started in Japan and became a national icon. They represent good health and fortune in many parts of the world. Regardless, breeders will always describe them as strong willed as they will often do whatever they want. The intelligence of the Akita can make them a challenge to train. Even with proper training they can go back to their instincts when put in the wrong situation. Because they are strong willed, it will take an alpha owner to let them know is boss. Don't let this scare you as they are rather docile and one of America's most popular dogs, but they will take a good amount of your time.

Exercise is a critical part of their daily lives so make sure you can devote an hour or two a day to stimulate them physically. Having an outside yard is a bonus as they can spend hours playing around, but if nothing else, take them around the neighbor hood to keep them fit. Without excerise they can be destructive to show you that you aren't spending enough time with them. If it comes down to it, they do prefer shoes so hide them when they are young. Breeders will even recommend puppy proofing your house until they are 2. Take a look around at all the pictures and gain some more insight to see if this is the right dog for you.
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Akita Dog Breeders
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