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Akita Dog Photos

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Akita Dog photos will show how well built this breed of dog is. Although they can make very wonderful household pets, they can often become destructive if not socialized and trained well. Be sure if you plan on getting an Akita, to check with breeders and your family to make sure they are the right fit. Children who play rough can often be considered a threat and this breed can act on this. Photos reveal that this dog can also rough house on their own. They are a very independant breed and often can stimulate their own mind.

Eye contact is another sign of aggresion and Akita's can also take that as a sign of threat. Check out some akita pictures and photos below on this wonderful Akita Dog.
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Akita Dog Photos
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akita dog photos
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akita inu photo
akita photo
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dog picture
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Akita Puppy Info
The breed just looks like they enjoy the cold and harsh climates of winter. Depending on if they have a short coat or long coating, breed standards dictate that the short coat is akc approved. However different images of the akita dog breed argue that both coats are common. It's no wonder that the dog was first used to hunt bear and deer. They not only had an easy time with flushing them out, but they could hold their ground and keep the animal under deress until it's owner showed up. Thesde days when you look at Akita photos, 99% of the time they are just companion animals.

Take a look at the site to make sure this is the right dog for you. If your a first time owner, the Akita can be a handful. Their strongwilled nature allows them to be independant and fight with you if they don't consider you the alpha male. Be the owner and make sure to socialize and train them as a puppy so they can grow up to be the exacty pet you want. Also be sure to check out all the other images of this beautiful dog and see why people love them so much. From their beautiful coats to great posture, this dog is eye catching to everyone.
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