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Akita Inu Puppies

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Akita Inu Puppies
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akita inu puppies
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akita inu
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The breed is one of the most energetics dogs you could get. Even in it's infancy, they require constant mental stimulation and can be desctructive if not given the proper attention. However, with proper training, the Akit Inu can be one of the most loyal companions. Either way, just know that you won't be able to get this puppy and assume you don't need to do anything. Give constant praise and training and you will have one of the best dogs on the planet!

When deciding on which one to get, there are two varieties to choose from. Although very similar, standards from both the AKC and CKC will help distinguish between the two. Which ever you decide on, you will notice how agile and smart they are. From Japan, Akita Inu puppies have been bred with many diferent species such as the German Shepard to produce the optimal companion.
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Akita Inu puppies are extremely agile and love to be outside when ever possible. You will see a lot of information and images of them playing in snow, parks, or backyards across america. They are surprisingly quick and can resemble a fox at first glance. Their bright red coat gives them a distinctive appearance and their pointy ears have them resemble the wild side of nature. Be prepared to do a lot of training as the akita inu is a very stubborn breed and will push back often if they don't feel you are the alpha male. Positive reinforcement is best, but there will be some times where you want to discipline.  Keep at it and they will turn into wonderful pets.

You can check out more information about the akita inu puppy through the images below or links on the left. It's important to learn as much information as possible before pulling the trigger as they will be quite a handful and can make you not want a dog if not properly ready. Either way take your time and see if the Akita inu is the right puppy for you.