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Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston Terrier Puppy
Some information regarding an Boston Terrier Puppy
The boston terrier puppy is in the smaller breeds of dogs. The AKC accepted the boston terrier in the late 1800's. The appearance is very noticable with its black coat and distinctive white marks. Along with erect ears and short tail, you can always notice the stubborness of the boston terrier puppy.
black boston terrier puppy
boston terrier puppy
Robert Hooper located in Boston first introduce the boston terrier puppy sometime around the 1870's. His dog named Hooper's Judge, was a Bull and Terrier mix. It's not known exaclty how this dog got is lineage, but it has been determined that this boston terrier is a modern version of the bulldog and a terrier from the late 1800's.

Hooper's Judge weighed around 30 pounds and he was bred with another french bulldog, creating the boston terrier. This breed quickly swept Boston and fanciers created the American Bull Terrier club. Soon after much debate, the name switched to the boston terrier club and was accepted officially into the AKC in 1893. The boston terrier was the first U.S breed to be accepted into the AKC.
boston terrier puppy
adorable boston terrier puppy
boston terrier puppies
three boston terrier puppies
Boston Terrier Coat and color

The boston terrier usualy has the distinctive white mark with a combination of black, seal, or brindle. Seal is the more popular of the colors by the AKC which is more noticable in the sun light. There are also some additional colors that are a bit more rare for the boston terrier such as liver, cream, red, and brown.

When looking at the boston terrier puppy, you will notice white in areas such as on it's belly, muzzle, around the neck, around its forelegs, and the stripe going up its nose while not touching it's eyes. For show standards, the boston terrier should have symmetrical markings. The best way to reference a boston terriers markings is to compare it to formal where making its nickname the American gentleman.


A boston terrier puppy to adulthood will still be a small breed which is built very proportional to its body. Their characteristics are erect ears, short muzzle, short tail, and typically a square looking face. It's smooth coat allows the boston terrier to be brindle.


The boston terrier definitely can range in size but the AKC standard is more than 10 pounds, but less than 25. It size will stand around 16-17 inches tall.
cute boston terrier puppy
boston terrier puppy
Boston Terrier Puppy Temperament

The boston terrier is more of a gentle breed, but has a very strong and friendly personality. Boston terrier puppies always want to please their owner making them easy to be trained if given the proper attention.

The boston terrier was orginaly made and bred for fighting, but eventually moved into breeding for companions. The more common version of the boston terrier is gental, expressive, alert, and very well mannered.

The boston terrier both male and female don't often bark unless necessary. For this reason, the boston terrier puppy makes a great choice as an apartment dog. They love being around people, dogs, and if socialized properly, are very good around smaller children.

Boston Terrier Puppy Health

New born boston terrier puppies can have a lot of possible health issues up into their adulthood. Just a few could be deafness, luxating patellas, allergies, heart murmurs, and cherry eye. You may also noice a curve in the back which can case bhte boston terrier to learn forward. Most terriers do not like excessive heat or cold because of thier very short hair. Without a proper diet, a boston terrier puppy has a very sensitive digestive system.

Brachycephalic breeds are typically the Pug, Shih Tzu, Boston Terriers, and other short snout breeds. Some good characteristics are there small nostrils, long palates, and skinny trachea. You may notice your boston terrier puppy likes to snore.
boston terrier puppy
cute boston terrier puppies
Boston Terrier Puppy
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The Boston Terrier is a smaller breed, but very well built. When first seen, it looks like the boston terrier puppy or dog is actually square in appearance. Their head body is well proportioned but their head is fairly flat.  The boston terrier is well known for their black and white colors as well as ears that are typically cropped.

Tempermant wise, the boston terrier is a very smart dog. However they are gentle in nature and make extremely good house pets.They can get a little on the crazy side if not given enough exercise, but expect your terrier puppy to be affectionate. Also expect your boston terrier to pick up on training very quickly. They love to please and their intelligence will have them sitting and staying in no time. Just make sure he or she know you are pack leader. Without a strong leader, the boston terrier can develop small dog syndrome and become dominant in the household. These inevitable leads to biting and fighting other dogs.

The boston terrier was actualy bred from English Bulldogs and White Terior. At first breed, they were actualy quite large in size and used in many pit fights. This is also one of the few breeds that were starting in america, orginiated out of Massachusetts. The first of it's kind said to be around 1865 and only bred for the rich. Within 20 years, the boston terrier puppy and dog took off within Boston and the name boston terrier developed. The AKC adapated the boston terrier in 1893. It's unique markings make this dog very noticable.
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