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Alaskan Malamute
Some Information Regarding a Alaskan Malamute Puppy
The alaskan malamute puppy is a larger, wolf like, type of breed that was primarly used as a sled dog. Most often the malamute puppy is easily mistaken for the siberian husky puppy, they they are in fact much different other than appearance. Compared to the husky, the alaskan malamute puppy is often quiet in temperament and very loyal as pets.
malamute puppy
alaskan malamute puppy
As seen in pictures, The alaskan malamute puppy is typically 23 inches in height and somewhere around 75 pounds for females and 85 pounds for males. For this reason, you can typically see a nice size difference between both sexes. Male malamutes have been known to get up towards 120 pounds, but isn't as common unless you are talk to someone who specializes in "giant malamutes" breeding.

A alaskan malamute puppies coat is a very dense and double layer. It actually is a bit thicker than it's smaller breed of the siberian husky. This helps with harsher weathers, while its outer coat helps with blocking the suns rays to help with summer time heat. The usual colors are variations of grey and white, black and white, red and white, or just a straight white. It's eyes are almond shaped and usually brown. If they appear blue, they are not a pure bred malamute puppy and at one point have probably been bred with a siberian husky. The overall build of the alaskan malamute  is heavy boned and fairly compact.

The adult alaskan malamute's tail is usually very furry and can curl up over the back. The furried tail aids in helping them stay warm for cold weathers. You will notice how they wrap the tail around their nose and face.
alaskan malamute puppy
alaskan malamute puppies
adorable malamute puppy
cute alaskan malamute puppy
malamute puppies
black and white malamute puppy

The average life time of a alaskan malamute is around 11 years. The more comonly assosicated health problems were hip dysplasia and cataracts. Some more rare cases have been heart defects, chondrodysplasia, and eye problems.

Climate and Malamutes
Alaskan malamute puppies pictures have shown that these dogs been raised in warmer climates like Arizona, but their dense coat can make it very uncomfortable in hot climates. As long as you keep a malamute in hot climates, just make sure they have plenty of water and shade. Their winter coats will start shedding in the early spring time.
Pictures show the malamute is a descendant from Alaska. They have a huge role with humans with activities such as working, hunting, living along side them. The relations built between man and dog has enabled them to be great companions and flurish in and around the arctic circle.

When the gold rush started in the early 1900's, the malamute became an extremely valuable dog as they could travel long distances and carry heavy loads.
alaskan malamute dog
alaskan malamute puppy

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