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Australian Shepherd Puppies

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Some information and pictures regarding an Austrial Shepherd puppy
Australian Shephered puppies and dogs are a breed most commonly found in the U.S. Also known as the Aussie, the breed got is name because of how it arived to the U.S -- on a boat full of Australian sheep. These days you will see the Australian Sheppard dog and puppy in rodeos, disney movies, and ranches throughout America.

Aussie puppies are used in herding due to their trainability. The breed is always eager to please and with their energy and agility, they will always be considered the best as stockdogs. Outside of herding, the austrial shepherd is also great as sports such as frisbee and flyball. Put these two traits together and you also have a wonderful search and rescue dog. The australian shephard has the ability to do it all.


The australian shepherd puppy is in the range of a medium built breed. Males will grow to about 22 inches while females grow to about 18.

Australian shepherds have several different color variations. The most common is black with variations of spots. However, you may see aussie puppies red, blue, merle, copper, and white. The color variations are usually in common areas on the australian shepherd (face, legs, and chest). The only thing to watch for is austrial shephered puppies who have a lot of white around the face and ears as they are more prone to getting sunburn and skin cancer.
An aussie puppy eye color can also come in many different color variations. Typically you will see them blue, brown, or split (one of each). The australian shepherd has had the nickname ghost eye as their eyes can even be mixed with a swirl of a different color. Either way, any combination is acceptable within the breed as long as they are healthy. If your looking for a puppy, the black aussie typically has brown eyes, while the red aussie puppies typically have amber eyes.

There is no set standard in the australian shephered puppies or dogs tail. Some may be bobbed while others are full long. Some breeders will dock the tails. For a standard regulation, the U.S and Canada have set that a docked tail can't be more than four inches. Other countries have banned australian shepherd breeders from docking their rail and allow it to be full length.

The australian shepherd puppy and dog is a high energy dog and loves attention. Whether it's working on a ranch or just learning new tricks, expect the puppy to want to be next to your side for physical and mental attention and activity.

Outside of the being a ball full of energy, the miniature aussie also shows signs of guarding. The devotion to their owner really comes out and can learn very quickly with proper rewards. The first signs of seeing the austrian shepherd's guarding traits are on ranches in the United States where their job is to protect the property. An australian sheppard puppy will tend to bark to shows signs of warning.

The playful side of the aussie puppies can also be highly regarded as a common trait. You may see a miniature aussie puppy sleeping and then a minute later running full speed around the house for no reason. If you wan to own one of thise dogs, be prepared to keep your shephard mentally stimulated. It they get bored or don't get enough exercise, the miniature australian puppy can become destructive.

When an australian shepherd puppy gets destructive, it's simply because their energy isn't being used in the right way. Most breeders will tell you that your dog needs to have 2-3 hours of play every single day. This could be exercise, attention, or teaching them a trick. These dogs really do excel when put in a rural ranch setting as it gives them plenty of space to run around. This breed has a lot of stamina, making them the popular choice when it comes to working.
Australian Shepherd Puppy
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There isn't a lot of information on the history of the Australian Shepherd. Some believe the miniature aussie started in Spain and used by actual shepherds. The only known fact is that the breed really went under development once they came to the United States.

We do know the the australian sheppard puppy and dog did not originate before the Victorian era. At least the breed we know today. Before America, there has been some proof of the mini aussie appearing as herding dogs in Britain, Germany, and Spain. Because they excelled so much, they were immediately picked up to be used on a ranch in America. During the gold rush, the final migratoin was finally set in place for the dogs to be shipped over from Europe.


When looking at pictures of the Australian Shepherd Puppy, you can see with there different coloration can also carry health risks. Merle coloration can lead to austrial shepherds going blind or deaf. You should check regurlarly on their hearing as puppies. Also depending on their bobtail breed, some types of this breed can have spinal defects. Out of all health factors associated with the australian shepherd puppy and dog, some more notable ones are:

Iris Coloboma
Hip Dysplasia

Getting periodical checkup will ensure that your australian sheppard stays healthy.

Other References

The Aussie is a medium sized dog. Their triangular ears are rounded near the end. The australian shepherd's coat is most notable by always having a unique texture. It's hair is short and smooth. It's tail is typically docked and straight. AKC states the australian shepherd's tail not be more than 4 inches long. Their teeth should be of a level bite and its chest deep with point reaching their elbow. With the aussie being at full attention, it's ears will tend to bend forward. It's color can very greatly from merle, red, black, ant copper. There is no set standards when it comes to the australian shepherd. 

Temperament wise, the australian shepherd is a very playful dog. Many families like this breed for their guarding traits. The puppy is great with children and will play for hous. When it coms to their pack leader, they are extremely loyal and affectionate. Their intelligence allos them to cater to their owner. However, they demand exercise. One walk a day isn't going to cut it with the austrial shepherd. With boredom comes nervousness and destructive behavoire. It is wise to socialize your aussie puppy to prevent them from barking at all strangers. They can sometimes nip at people's heels which is a herding traight and should be corrected immediately.
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