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Some information regarding a Beagle Puppy
The beagle puppy and dog is more on the medium breed size. The beagle falls into the hound grup and can sometimes be confused with the Fox Hound. However, the beagle puppy does have shorter legs and longer ears. The popularity of this dog is due to their scent and ability to track rabits, and other small game. The sense of tracking makes them well equipped for as detection dogs. The beagle is also very intelligent and nice tempered making them good house pets.

You can date the beagle puppy back over 2,000 years, but to research the more modern version of the dog, you would date it back to the early 1830's from Great Britain. The country starting breeding the talbot hound, southern hound, harrier, and the north country beagle...creating the beagle puppy we know today.

Pictures of beagles have been extremely popular throughout history, especially in Elizabeth times. They have started to show up in films, television, and even comics. The more famous of the beagle puppy would be snoopy from Peanuts.
adorable beagle puppy
beagle puppies
beagle puppy
Appearance of the Beagle Puppy

When looking at the Beagle, it resembles very closely to the Foxhound, but just smaller. When looking closer, you can tell that their muzzle is much smaller, head is broader, and their legs are a bit more disproportional to their body. Because of their small stature, their sense of smell is much better as they can easily be trained without having to bend down. When it comes to size and weight, the beagle puppy is usually around 14-16 inches in height and between 20-35 pounds (the male beagles).

Beagles are medium in legth and have a nice smooth feel to them. They have a square muzzle and black nose. The beagles eys are typically hazel or brown, and can closely resemble the same characteristics of the hound. Their ears are long and soft and bend towards their cheeks ending with a rounded tip. Their necks are very strong  allowing them to sniff the ground for very long periods of time. Their folding skin also allows them to pick up many different scents to track the small game.
beagle puppies
beagle puppy
beagle puppy running
Coloring of the Beagle Puppy

Beagle puppies are typically a tri color in many different colors. Most common will be their black eys and a light brown shade. This is why they can be closely mistaken for the hound.

When starting to look farther into the beagle's colors, you will notice they can be very dark black, black and brown markings, a faded black with more brown characteristics, and they a brown shading. Most of the time their bodies will be white with the patches of the black or brown hair. Even though as beagle puppies, they are always born black and white, their brown shading will typically grow in within 6-10 weeks of birth. Some beagles will even develop their browness throughout their entire life.

Tan and white would be the most commonly form of color for the beagle.
beagle puppies
The United States have adapted the beagle mainly for hunting rabbits. It lost popularity in Great Britain as it was made illega in Scotland by the Protection of Wild Animals Act. This made beagle hunting illegal unless approved by the property owner.

Traditional hunting will have all the way up to 70 Beagles, who are marshalled by one person, directing the pack in the directions they must follow. The master of the packs is in charge for the entire day and usually obtains this role on the day of the hunt.

Pack hunting has grown to be more of a younger person sport. Even British public schools maintain beagle packs. They are now used to hunt game such as rabbits, game birds, bobcats, wild boar, foxes, deer, and even stoats.
cute beagle puppy
puppy beagle
Beagle Puppies are often the breed for animal testing because of their size and nature. Roughtly 8,000 beagles were tested in the UK in 2004.
beagle puppies

Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppy
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The beagle puppy is known to be a very sweet and gentle dog. Anytime you confront a beagle, you will see him wagging his tail eager for attention. The breed is also very intelligent and great with kids. Their hunting insticts allow them to be both a family pet and a hunting dog. The beagle puppy is always attentative and has a watchful eye. With enough exercise, the beagle puppy can behave calmly. To help stimulate theire minds, buy some animal scents and place them around the house.

Pictures of the beagle puppy do no justice to their unusual bark. Most people say it sounds like a short howl and think that the puppy might be in trouble.

AKC Standars of a Beagle

Beagle Head

The beagles skull is to on the long side. It's ears can actually get long enough to reach the tip of their nose. The beagles eyes as said before are on the wider side of most breeds and are set apart. They eye color is always a brownish hazel. The beagles muzzle is of medium length and nostrils wide and open.

Beagle Body

The beagle is also of medium lenght and rises straight from their shoulders. There is typically no extra skin on their throught.

Shoulders and Chest

A Beagles shoulders will tend to slope inward and can give a very muscular presense to themselvers. A beagles chest is broad when looked at to similar breeds.

Back, Loin and Ribs

A beagle has relatively small, but strong back.

Beagles Forelegs and Feet

A beagle is well proportioned from head to toe. It's legs compliment is stature and are round and firm.
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