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Beagle Basset Hound Mix

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Beagle Basset Hound Mix
Beagle Basset Mix
beagle basset hound mix
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beagle basset hound mix
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beagle basset hound
beagle basset mix
beagle hound mix
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As the beagle is in the hound family, it has one of the better senses of smell them most dogs. A study began for 13 years on this specific breed, researching it scenting abilites with many different tests. At one point they put a mouse in a 1 acre field and timed out long it would take the dog to find it. Surprisingly it took the beagle only 1 minute. They have been used in many mountain rescues over the other common choice of the collie.

Beagles were primarily bred for their hunting abilities. They were first sought out as hunting companions for the elderly who were willing to follow horseback without hurting themselves. They were then adapted by younger hunters who would keep up along side ponies, and finally by poorer hunters who used them on foot. Once fox hunting became popular in the 1800's, hunting became an all day event and the enjoyment actualy stemmed from the chase instead of the kill. The beagle is well built and similar enough to the rabbit where it could not only scent and track the hare, but its stamina would guarantee that it could eventually find and catch it. Packs of beagles run very closely together covering much ground and preventing andy stray dogs.
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