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Beagle Puppy Pictures
Beagle Puppy Pictures
Beagle Puppy pictures show this dog to be of a medium size. It is classified in the hound group and is very similar to the Fox Hound. Each beagle image will show you the fantastic characterisitics that make up this great breed.
Appearance of the Beagle Puppy

Pictures of the Beagle resembles this dog very closely to the Foxhound. When looking at the beagle photos closer, you can tell that their muzzle is much smaller, head is broader, and their legs are a bit more disproportional to their body.
Pictures of Beagle Puppies

Pictures of Beagle puppies show the many different. Most common will be their black eys and a light brown shade. This is why they can be closely mistaken for the hound.
Sense of smell of the Beagle Images

There aren't many dogs like the beagle who have an incredible sense of smell for hunting. You can find images and photos of the beagle in many pack hunts for rabits and small game. With their noses so close to the ground, a beagle can hunt for hours at a time giving chase until the hunted grows tired.
The United States acceptd the beagle mainly for hunting purposes for small game. You can see through many beagle pictures, that their nature to scent hunting has led them to be the leaded in even hunting down lost people.

Beagle Puppiy Pictures

beagle breed picture
beagle photo
Beagle Breed Picture
Beagle Photo
beagle picture
beagle pictures
Beagle Picture
Beagle Pictures
Beagle Puppy Image
Beagle Puppy Picture
cute beagle photo
english beagle picture
Cute Beagle Photo
English Beagle Picture
picture of beagles
tan beagle image
Picture of Beagles
Tan Beagle Image
Beagle Puppy
Learn More about The Beagle Puppy Below
You will most the beagle puppy picture to that of the miniature foxhound. When it comes to the beagle breed, its build is somewhat long with a square muzzle and medium in stature. The beagle's eyes are very wide apart and are typically a hazel brown. Pictures will show how the beagles ears are also droopy and will hang fairly log. It's coat is on the short to medium as far as length and the puppies color can range from back, tan, white, and a redish-orange. You will most noticably recognize the beagle by it's famous howling bark when they are hunting small game.

Personality wise, the beagle is a great family pet. There sweet nature allows them to want to greet everyone they come in contact with. The beagles social nature starts in the puppy stages and they get along well with children and even small pets if socialized at a young enough age. However with their hunting instincts, don't be surprised if your beagle puppy or dog brings back small rodents for you as a gift.

Images don't do a beagle justice when it comes to the pack leader behavior. They truley have a mind of their own and need much training to be come well adapt to your commands. There need for physical attention will also require you to walk your beagle quite often. A beagle puppy and dog are always curious and will follow their nose. They can easily get caught up on the moment and track a scent. As a owner, make sure your beagle knows you are the pack leader or they could develop tendencies such as barking, biting and destructive behavior.

Pictures will show that Beagles can date back as far as the 1500's. They were still used as hunting dogs back then to track rabbit, quail, and other varieties of small game.
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