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Some information regarding a Chihuahua Puppy
The chihuahua puppy is an unknown breed as far as where they were first orginated. Some believe they were used by indians as animals for ritural practices. Others say they were first bred wihin Mexico and only adopted by the wealthy. Either way, there is no answer on where the chihuahua puppy and dog was first bred.

The next guess on where the chihuahua puppy is from is the island of Malta. This Mediterranean island shows evidence of paintings that closely resemble the chihuahua. Even scens from the Life of Moses has someone holding what appears to be a chihuahua. This painting was one of the first signs of the chihuahua and was created well before Columbus discovered America. For this reason, the Mexican version of where the chihuahua originated.

The one thing that is known in all depictions is that the chihuahua was mainly used within the upper class and high society.
Chihuahua are bred to be pack dogs. History shows that Chihuahuas are native to the country of Mexico that datees back into the 18th century. When it comes to hyrogliphics, the chihuahua is evident in almost all continents. From the great pyramids to locations from where the Mayans lived, chihuahuas or closed resembled dogs remains have been discovered.

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