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Chihuahua Yorkie Mix

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Often people talk about having the best of both worlds with a chihuahua and yorkie. Both are lap dogs and one of the most loyal pets one could own. When combined they turn into an extremely cute puppy and exibits all the traits one could expect. The Chichuaha Yorkie isn't within the teacup family, but it's size is still very small and can be held in one hand. When given the chance they will show you as much love and affection as you could hope for.

Training is essential if you expect them to obey you. This stubborn breed will often do whatever they want to and can be aggresive to strangers they don't know. Make sure to socialize your chihuahua yorkie early so they are comfortable around another animals. For more information, take a look at several images below and use the links on the left to decide if you want a pure bred, or possible a mix of two breeds.
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