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Blue Chihuahua

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Blue Chihuahua Puppies
Blue Chihuahua Puppy
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blue chihuahua picture
blue chihuahua puppies
blue chihuahua puppy
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The blue chihuahua is an excellent companion dog for those looking for a lap animal. Although they are fairly independant, they love the affection and will curl up with you on the couch. Be sure to train well as thier independace can give them a strong will and will be dificult as they get older. The biggest thing to remember is they are still a dog, so don't let them get away with things just because they are a little smaller. Dominance is key here to make sure you remain pack leader. Check out some different imeages below on this wonderful breed and see why the blue chichuahua is being more and more popular with households. Also use the links on the left to gain more insight into things such as appearance, health and hygiene, and common traits.
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Blue Chihuahua
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