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Deer Head Chihuahua

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Deer Head Chihuahua Puppies
Deer Head Chihuahua Puppy Info
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deer head chihuahua
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The appearance of the deer head is just that. It's not actually a type of breed as there is only one, but it's deer shaped head gives it it's name. As the one of the smallest breeds, they only grow to roughly 2 pounds and 8 to 10 inches. Although they can be protective, the dog loves their family and will lay on their lap for hours.

As a barker, it's important that you socialize this breed at an early age. Chihuahua's are notorious for nipping at strangers and protecting their area. However, with the proper training you can easily prevent this and make them loving to all strangers. If it's your first dog, you will be surpised with how much time you need to put it with such a small dog, but they will beg you for constant attention.
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