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Some information regarding a Boxer Puppy
The Boxer puppy and dog is one of the more common medium sized breeds of dog. They originated in Germany and have many unique characteristics that you will see through the pictures below. Appearance will show you how their coat is on the smoother side and their white markings stand out prominently. A boxer also have a very strong jaw which makes them ideal for hunting down larger prey. The boxer breed comes from a mix of english bulldog and bullenbeisser.

The boxer puppy first showed up in Germany, specifically Munich in the late 1800's. The AKC has actually mentioned that the boxer breed is now the 6th most popular dog in the U.S and has been for the past three years. This is due to their striking a appearance and loyalness to their owners.
In the boxers first few years, they were a cropped breed and even still the case in a few countries. These days, there are laws about the cropping of the boxers ears and even docking of their tail. Many countries prohibit this standard because of animal rights groups. The U.K has developed the boxer to naturally have a short tail because of the growing community who were against the docking. In fact, this new boxer breed has been accepted in the the UK kennel club. In the US and parts of North America, cropping a boxers ears is still the standard and will be most likely seen in various dog shows. The AKC most notably recognizes the boxer to have cropped ears, but has also included a standard for uncropped. The most noticable difference that the boxer puppy and dog bring to the table is their strength. Compared to similar sized breeds, the boxer is no match when it somes to it's strong build.
The boxers appearance is one of the more easy distinquished traits to tell. They have relatively short hair making them smooth to the touch. White markings are evident from their puppy stage and usually starts on their belly and moves up onto their face and forehead. This marking of the boxer breed makes them look "flashy" and can range in many different styles. The boxer puppy and dogs coat is typically a tan color, but can have darker or lighter shades. Some standars will even classify their coat color as red. A rare boxer color is black, which will inform you that they aren't a pure bred. Standards will dictate that the boxer must show different contrasts in their brindling or they could be disqualified as a standard breed.

You may see the boxer puppy or dog's coat be white. If more than 1/3rd of their coat is white, then they are referred to as the white boxer. This doesn't make them albino as around 25% of all boxers are white. They still have their brindle coat, but the boxers white markings just happen to take over the main coat. Because of this, the white boxer can be more prone to sunborn or skin cancer. Also roughly 15% of white boxers can be born deaf. For this reason, you won't see too many white boxers in dog shows. Some will even give them away in adoption with a non breeding clause.
Boxers are very intellgent dogs and make wondurful house animals. Even though they are full of energy, the can be quite calm around children. A boxer puppy and dog will require a lot of attention and exercise or it will be desctructive and chew and/or dig. Trainin is fairly easy for the boxer because of their smarts. Positive reinforcement is much better for the boxer rather than stern training. They can be head strong so be patient yet firm when training. Right now they are considered in the middle of the pack to similar breeds when it comes to their working obedience level.

Boxers really aren't aggressive unless provoked to do so. They are a great family guardian and will need socializatoin in order to keep there calm around strangers. If a boxer is provoked into an agressive state, they are quite formidable. Boxer puppies and dogs are very patient around other small animals, but may show aggressive behaviors around same sex breed. However, just now that the boxer rather be a companion than a fighter.

The boxer is a breed that originated in Germany in the late 1800's. The bullenbeisser dog was mated with a English bulldog to form the boxer. Bullenbeisser breed was more of a working and hunting dog. Unfortunately it's breed died off leaving just the boxer.

The word Boxer comes from the puppy and dogs creative ability to stand on it's back legs and box with it's front paws. Some don't believe this is really the reason as who would name a breed after this, but the debate still remains.

18th century dictates that the boxer originated in Germany. Munich history reveils the dogs history known as Bierboxer.

Heath issues with the boxer puppy and dog are fairly similar to other breeds. They are very prone to cancer, heart conditions, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy. One other common trait is what is referred to as Boxer Colitis. If your boxer suffers from this health issue, you will notice that they start to favor certain types of foods to avoid getting an upset stomache. The cure for this to keep your boxer on very bland food with digestive enzymes. You can also tell by you boxer experiencing diarhea and weight loss.

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