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Some information regarding a bloodhound puppy
Bloodhound puppies and dogs are classified in the large breeds and was intended to hunt bigger game such as boar and deer. As time went on, they have also been used on many expeditions to find lost humans. The ability to track scents for hours and sometimes even days has given the bloodhound a legendary status as the tracking animal. From time to time, you may see bloodhound puppies and dogs in law enforcement tracking escaped prisoners.
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Appearance of Bloodhound

The bloodhound weighs around 90-100 pounds. The biggest of the bloodhounds has been recorded at 160. The AKC has classified these dogs as black and tan, red, or liver and tan in color. Because they are such as large breed, their large structure is actualy within their bones. Bloodhound puppies bones are thicker than most and their coat boads well for scents as its is made of just fur.

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The bloodhound puppy breed is a very gental dog. However, it is relentless at following a scent making it a bit difficult to train in certain commands. The bloodhound does make a great family pet as it is very effectionate and friendly. But being such a large breed, it is always recommended they be supervised around smaller children.

Health of the Bloodhound

When compared to other breeds of this size, bloodhound puppies have an unusual high rate of gastrointestinal problems, bloating being the most common. The bloodhound also has probems with skin, ear, and eye ailments. The thickness of the bloodhounds coat can easily lead to overheating so always be aware of signs of bloating.

Lifespan of Bloodhound

The average lifespan of bloodhound puppies to adulthood is 7 years making this breed one of the shortest lived.
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bloodhound puppy
History of the Bloodhound

The bloodhound first appeared in the 14th century. Most written text say they originated from Normandy.  In medieval times, bloodhounds were often used in hunting and capturing wild boar. This was the first notice that the bloodhound breed had a unbelievable ability at tracking animals for long period of times. 

From the hunting of boars, bloodhounds were then adopted into hunting or tracking people. This has never been proven, but people tell stories of William Wallces being followed by the sleuth hound (another name for the bloodhound)
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When compared to other breeds, the bloohound is definitely on the larger side. Surprising their back is strong for their size and well propotioned to the rest of their body. Most noticable you will see a lot of extra skin and their ears sagging down past their neck. The bloodhounds colors can vary a bit, but is usually of a tan shade.

The bloodhound does need a lot of traning as they are very independant dogs. However they don't take well to harsh training. You will need to be patient with your bloodhound as if they pick up a scent, it is almost impossible to get their attention back. A bloodhound male will go through pubert at age 1 to 2 and this is when training can be the hardest. Being a pack leader will surely help, but expect them to start calming down after they turn 3.

The bloodhounds nose is so intune, that it is one of the only breeds that can help in tracking humans. It has been said they they can still track a scent that is 100 hours old. You might think your bloodhound is sniffing you in innapropriate places, but it is just learning your scent. In fact, a bloodhounds tracking ability is admissible in court. They will do whatever they can to find the end of a scent, even if that means traveling a hundred miles.

For exercies purposes, you need to constantly walk your bloodhound. Their stamina will most likely ware you out first, but will eagerly stay by your side. History shows that bloodhounds have originated for more than a 1000 years. Belgium was able to perfect the bloodhound in which were then later adopted by the Unites States.

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