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White Siberian Husky

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Some information regarding the White Siberian Husky

The white husky breed's ancestry is unfortunately unknown, but has been speculated that they have evovled from the eras ago. Coming from the nomads, these dogs quickly became popular during the gold rush and eventually as sled dogs. As the racing grew, the white siberian husky started to stand out as they started to place first year after year.  These days, the breed has been AKC approved and even has their own statue in Central Park. The White Alaskan husky is still growing in popularity as they are still actively used for rescue missions. Check out some different images of this great dog and see why they can be the perfect house pet.

The white artic dog very much resembles the look of a wolf. Just like the german shepherd, they have two coats that help maintain temperature in both hot and cold tempuratures. Temperment wise they are fairly docile dogs, but can be very friendly and sociable if given the right situation. As a dependent dog, they are perfect for families who are active.
Don't be food that the white siberian husky needs exercise. You should plan on at least an hour of physical and mental stimulation. Without it, the breed is quite the houdini as they like to escape any chance they get. With proper training they can be great house pets, but when given the opportunity they will be sure to get out and chase small animals including cats, rabbits, squirrels, and even deer.

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white siberian husky
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