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Husky Puppy

Some information regarding the husky puppy
The husky puppy is a working breed dog that is built medium in size and has wolf like features. It is very recognizsable by its furry curled up tail, trianglular ears, baby blue eyes, and thick coat.

If you are looking for a very active and friendly dog, the husky puppy may be the right one for you. They were bred to pull heavy loads through long distance and in harsh conditions. Relate this to a house pet and you will have your hands full. The dog came to the continental united states from Alaska during the gold rush and since then has spread all across North America.

They Alaskan Husky Puppy is directly from the sled dog. DNA has confirmed that this is one of the oldest types and breeds of dogs. With the help of siberian huskies, eskimos were able to service by traveling long distances for food.

During the gold rush, huskies were used quite often all throughout Alaska. In a 400+ mile rase, the smaller faster breed of husky was able to endure more for longer distances, and the husky puppy soon became a fan favorite.
In the early 1900's, the husky puppy was exported to the Soviet Union for trading. The same yea was when the Alaskan Siberian husky was accepted into the American Kennel Club. As the breed took on prominence, more any more people wanted this breed for a house pet because of it's energy and friendlyness towards people. However, the husky was also adopted into the United States Arctic search program and rescue unite because of its willingness to work in harsh weathers.
black white husky puppy
blue eyes husky puppy
cute husky puppy
female husky puppy
grey husky puppy
husky puppy twins
male husky puppy
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white husky puppy
Husky Puppy
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