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Siberian Huskies

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Siberian Huskies are considered strong working sled dogs. Their head is very equally proportioned to their bodies and their nose color depends upon the color of their coat. A siberian huskies eyes can be blue, amber, brown, or any combination of each. Many huskies can have a combo of one blue eye and one brown eye.

A siberian huskies coat can handle temperatures as low as -65 to -70 degrees F. It also typically comes in colors of black and white, red and white, brow, gray and white, sable, redish orange, silver, and pie bald. Their mask and underbody are typically white.
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Siberian Husky
General Siberian Huskies Appearance

Huskies are great working dogs as they are light on their feet and have a very graceful presense. They have a good amount of fur, up-right ears and a bushy curled tail. Huskies have a great balnce of speed, endurance, and power. The males are a dominant breed while the females also show very little weakness. In proper condition, siberian huskies don't carry excess weight.

Size, Proportion, Substance

A siberian huskies weight is typically around 40-60lbs. Their weight is equal in this case to their height. When it comes to height a husky is usually 21-23 inches.

Huskies Expression: keen, but friendly

Eyes: Huskies eyes are almond shaped and usually are brown or blue in color.
White Siberian Huskies
Red Siberian Husky
Ears: A siberian huskies ears are triangular in shape and always upright and erect .They are close fitting and high on the head.

Skull: A siberian huskies skull is medium in size and very proportional to their body.

Neck: A siberian huskies neck is arched and carried well when it is standing. When the breed trots, the next is usually extend so the head can be slightly forward.

Chest: A siberian huskies chest is strong, but not broad. The ribs are sprung from the spine but flat on the sides.

Back: A siberian huskies back is very strong with the topline to croup.


A siberian huskies temperament is very friendly. They don't have much guard instincts or suspicious of strangers. They are intelligent and eager for a companion and willing worker.


A siberian husky characteristics are medium, balanced, quick, friendly, constructed well, and proper coat. They are right in between of  not looking like a heavy animal or too light. They have the capability of great endurance and not too many faults in appearance. Overall, great working dog and family dog.
Siberian Huskies
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Alaskan Siberian Huskies
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Siberian Huskies
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