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Miniature Husky
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miniature huskies
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Families around the world love the husky for it's beautiful appearance and lovable charm. If you're considering purchasing a dog, the miniature breed might be the one for you. History shows how the husky is by far one of the most independant puppies out there and have many characteristics of their common brother, the wolf. They can make a great companion if trained early so be sure you are consitant in obedience and positive reinforsement. As far as other notable traits you will also see the miniature huskies often howl instead of bark making them bad guard dogs.

If we haven't meantioned training yet, we will say it again. Huskies are stubborn animals and will do what they can to get out and be on their own. However, because they love people so much they will often be picked up in several minutes. If you have a backyard fence, be sure you have it high enough and well into the ground as they love to dig or jump if it means freedom. It is important to exercise them at least an hour a day or they can be rather desctructive. For first time animal owners, be sure you know what your getting into as the miniature husky will be a handful from puppy to do and all years in between. Check out some different images below on how cute this breed really is.