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Husky Mix Puppies
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husky mix puppies
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Huskies are mixed with many different varieties of breeds to produces some amazing dogs. From german shephards to labs, there isn't much they can't be cross bred with. Either way the husky mix keeps many characteristics such as facial features, double coat and medium build. If you're interested in getting a husky mix, check out some different images below.

It's always good to know what mix your getting into. Huskies can be very independant so it's good if you can get a breed that is a little more docile. A lot of people like the cross breed with the german shephard as the obedience side of things really comes out. You can't take away their will to be outside and you will always need to devote time to exercise, but find a mix you like and you will be happy that you've gotten all the good traits. For more information take a look at some of the links of the left and make sure you get the perfect husky mix puppy for your home.