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Husky Dogs
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The husky dog is one of the more beloved pets in the U.S. Their appearance is what most call majestic and their wolf like features gives them a class above the rest. Keeping close to their ancestors, they will prefer howling over barking and can often express their feelings through sound. Make sure you train your husky dog at an early age as they can be obedient, but will not constant reinforcement. They love to show their affection and tend to be around all people, but are independent enough that they can be own their own.

We can't say this enough in that you need to make sure you train them early and often. Although very intelligent, they were bred to run and will take off when given the chance. Keeping your husky dog off leash isn't the best of options as you may be out for the next few hours tracking them down. With their willingness to run, you may find them in the next county. The husky is also one of the best escape artists and will do everything from climbing chain link fences to using the nose to open latches. They can get bored often so mental and physical stimulation is a must. Below are some different pictures of the husky.