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Husky Puppies

Some information regarding the husky
Husky puppies are one of the more friendlier household animals. You can tell right away that they love the affection of human companionship, even over other dogs. Their docile disposition makes them great around strangers, but they can be a little much around kids (they love to jump). Their independance also makes them ideal for those who like the outdoors as they won't need constant attention, but do plan on give them daily exercise as they can be destructive without it.

The husky does have that predatory instinct and will do whatever they can to be outside. They aren't the ideal puppy if you have other small animals such as cats. With proper training they can overcome this, but make sure to keep a careful eye. They thrive around humans and will walk up to any strangers without hesitation. If possible, try to get two husky puppies as they love to be in packs and will adapt much better around another peer.
Husky Puppies
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