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Some information regarding the husky
The siberian husky has one of the thickest coats of any breed. Their dual coat not only helps protect them from the sun, it aids them in cold winters. Some of the more common colors of the husky is white, black, copper, or grey with blends of any variety. This goes the same for their facial markings which can sometimes resemble raccoon eyes.

If you want a stubborn and independant dog, then husky puppies are the right dog for you. They are wanderous dogs and will try to escape the second you turn your back. However they can be trained and be obedient dogs with reinforcement. As they are also social, the siberian husky isn't the best watchdog as they rather go say hi to the stranger than bark.
Other than cats and small rodents, the siberian husky does well around kids and other dogs. They don't like to be by themselves so if you plan on getting one, make sure you get two or have another dog that they can socialize with.
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