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Alaskan Husky

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Some information regarding the alaskan husky

If your a fan of the working dog, than the alaskan husky is for you. Often sought after for their ability to pull sleds, they can make wonderful pets if given the right training. Unfortunately the AKC won't recognize them because of their cross breeding, but that doesn't stop people from buying them.

When compared to similar breeds like the husky, they are much larger in weight and size. Appearance wise they are almost identically with brown or blue eyes, a furry coat, and facial markings.

Hopefully you have a large backyard as these dogs like ro run. They can be rather descructive is left alone for a long period of time make sure you give them something to do. Obviously if you live in Alaska, that would be the ideal location for the Alaskan dog. Either way, these companions aim to please so give them the attention they deserve and you will have a great pet.
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Alaskan Husky
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alaskan huskies
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alaskan husky
alaskan puppy
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Coat: The Alaskan Husky should have a short or medium length coat which is less dense than most Northern breeds for effective heat dissipation when racing. It is built for quick speed rather than endurance over long distances, and may require a coat or ‘dog boots’ when on the trail. The Alaskan Husky may be of any color and pattern; coat color is generally of little significance to sled racers. There are a variety of interesting facial masks and markings and many possible mixes of eye color.
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