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Female Siberian Husky

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Some information regarding the female siberian huskies
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Female Siberian Husky
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female siberian husky
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Siberian Huskies are definitely made for work. Their size and energy make them perfect for pulling sleds. However, in the household, they are loving animals who are very effectionate and love being around people. Because they are so fond of people, they make terrible guard dogs as they don't bark and will happily greet the stranger. Huskies are intelligent and can be trained, but it will take much effort as they will escape when given the change.

The appearance is one of the most well known. From their stunning baby blue eyes to their puffy coat, there is no mistaking a female siberian husky other than for possibly a wolf. Take a look at several photos below to get a first hand look at this wonderful breed. Also use the links on the left to learn more about huskies and why you should own one.