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Adorable Husky Puppies

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Adorable Husky Puppies
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Siberian huskies are one of the coolest breeds of dog. There personality is much like a lab in that they love to be around people, yet they are independant enough where you they don't require constant attention. These majestic creatures will have you wondering where they've been all your life. It's no wonder why these adorable puppies are one of the more popular breeds in America.

The husky can typically grow up to be anywhere between 45-60 pounds. They love to be outdoors and will try to do whatever it takes to get outside. If you have a backyard fence, be sure to secure it as they can either jump over it or dig under it. Either way, as temperatures turn colder, they will be more excited to go outside whenever possible.

Training a husky can can be done, but will require constant reinforcment. Although they are one of the more adorable animals on the planet, that doesn't mean they can get away with murder. Be sure you get them to obey your every command and over time they will make a wonderful house pet. They are rather docile animals so don't worry about them being around kids, but make sure you supervise around smaller animals such as cats or rabbits.
Pictures of this breed will show you just how cute they are. As puppies they are extremely playful and will keep you up for hours on end. As they grow older, they will show off their independance and often do their own thing. If possible, try and socialize them as a young age, or even better, get them a buddy to hand out with. Because of their playful nature, they are usually in better spirits when part of a pack. If you can only have one dog, we then recommend taking to the dog park or even a doggy day care every now and then so they don't show anger when around other dogs.

Huskies can make a wonderful pet so be sure to do your research. They can come in many different colors, but most often will be a shade of grey, black, or red. Breeders enjoy mixing the husky with other breeds such as the german shephard to provide even more great characteristics. Check out some image below and use the links on the left to learn more on if this is the right dog for you.

If you're interested in learning more about this animal and more importantly see other images, check out our pinterest page. We have hundreds of images that shoow up the husky in all it's form.