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Basset Hound

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The basset hound is one of the more long and low to the ground breeds that is primarily used for hunting small animals. You can tell from many pictures that the basset hound puppy and dog's long ears allow them to pick up scents for it's nose to follow. The basset's extra skin also aid in trapping in different scents for them to distinquish. Other familiar characteristics of the basset hound are its strong and sturdy feat and their shortness allow hunters to keep pace quite easily. When it comes to endurance, the basset hound is great at eduring long adventures and can do so day after day. This makes the breed exceptional when it comes to hunting small game such as rabbits and fox.

In comparison to other similar breeds, the basset hound is in the medium sized family. However it's strong build can have them weighing over 70 pounds. Good news for the basset hound puppy is there coat requires very little grooming and can repel water and other weather conditions. This makes the basset hound a formidle foe in dog shows. There light humor and intelligence also allows the basset to be a great family pet.

Within your house, the basset hound will typically assume the role of ruler. Often they pretend to be asleep or hard of hearing if they don't want to listen. However as soon as the refrigerator opens or they smell food, their alertness comes out of nowhere. With childen, the basset hound puppy and dog is extremely affectionate and will even nuture. Just know that the basset will do whatever it can to get it's way. Strong leadership will go a long way
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