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Basset Hound Pictures
Basset Hound Pictures
Basset Hound Pictures will reveal that this breed definitely belongs to the hound family. There main purpose is to hunt rabbits and small animals as the basset hound's smell is extremely close to the blood hound. The name basset is actualy derived from France meaning low.
It's hard to tell in these basset hound pictures, but most of the dogs will grow to about a foot in height and weight around 45-70 pounds. The basset hound puppy can range from red and white, to brown and white. Below are some more photos and pictures. Their small stature allows them to pick up scents very quickly making them the ideal companion on a hunting trip.
Basset Hound Images
Even though the basset doesn't smile, these pictures will clearly show you that the basset hound is a very friendly dog. This makes them a family pet throughout many households. They love to clown around when given the chance.

Basset Hounds (pictures above and below) are a cross between the Normand and the Bloodhound. At the turn of the century these two breeds were split up. One basset hound breed is primarily used for hunting while the other is used for dog shows. England and France had a fued over which use is more effecient. It basically came to a split and the basset hound serves dual purposes.

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Basset Hound Pictures

Basset Hound Picture
basset hounds picture
Basset Hound Picture
Basset Hounds Picture
basset hound pictures
Basset Hound Pictures
basset puppy picture
basset hound puppy photo
Basset Puppy Picture
Basset Hound Puppy Photo
basset hound puppy picture
cute basset hound puppy
Basset Hound Puppy Picture
Cute Basset Hound Puppy
hound picture
image of basset hound
pictures of basset hounds
Image of Basset Hound
Hound Picture
Pictures of Basset Hounds
Basset Hound Pictures
Learn More about The Basset Hound Puppy Below
Basset Hound puppies and dogs are one of the older breeds and a direct descendant of the Bloodhound. Some speculate that the basset hound came from dward dogs and weren't actually bred for their specific purpose. The french named the breed "Basset Hound" as it meant low. This is very evident in pictures as their small stature would depict. The basset hound puppy also grows long ears that have been described as sweeping up the morning dew.

The basset hound became a show dog in 1863 and grew rapidly in popularity. It soon spread from France to England and a riff began on whether this dog should be used more as a companion or hunting dog. America soon adapated the basset hound puppy and have used the breed for both purposes. They are excellent hunting dogs for small game and can win the hearts of many in a dog show. The American Kennel Club accepted the basset hound in 1885. It's traits to hunt fox, pheasant, hare, and other small game have made this the ideal choose for hutners. While they are fairly slow animals, their sense of smell keeps them in the hunt until the small game is worn out.

When it comes to the health of basset hounds, it is wise not to overfeed them. The extra weight can put too much of a load on their legs and spine causing paralysis. The basset hound puppy can bloat quickly so it is effective to feed them two to three times a day in small doses rather than once.

As far as temperament, the basset hound is a very sweet and well behaved breed, even as a puppy. When it comes to companionship there aren't many dogs as devoted to their owner as the basset hound puppy and dog. You will probably never find a photo or picture of a basset hound that isn't friendly and warm. These mild dogs are affectionate and extremely friendly around children. The only thing you might realize is the basset hound needs an authority figure. They can be stubborn otherwise, but with positive reinforcement, they are easy to train.
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