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Basset Hound Puppies

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Basset Hound Puppies
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basset hound puppies
basset hound puppy
basset puppies
basset puppy
basset hound puppies
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Everyone knows that puppies are cute, but few are as adorable as the basset hound pup. Back from the mid 1800's, these once hunting dogs, quickly developed into a common household animal. Now you can see them at every park enjoying life to the fullest.

As puppies, they do start right away with hunting small game. The scents they pick up are quite impressive and will have them howling to get outside any chance they get. If your looking for a new addition to your home, definitely consider the basset hound. For more information and pictures, navigate through the site and use the links on the left to make sure your making the right decision.
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