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Basset Hound Beagle

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Basset Hound Beagle
Basset Hound Info
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basset hound beagle
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This mix breed is the ideal pet for those looking for a medium built dog. As they are known for their incredible smell, expect them to be on the hunt 24/7 looking for food, things to chew on, and most importantly small animals. With simple training, they make wonderful household animals and can get along with both people and other dogs.

Appearance why, the basset beagle mix is a short, yet long dog that weights between 40-60lbs. They have a lot of extra skin around the neck and face area giving them that sad and depressed look. However, it's the extra skin that often picks up the scent and helps them to track game. It's recommend you bathe them regulary if they go out in order to keep their hygenie up.
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