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Miniature Basset Hound

Some information regarding the Miniature Basset Hound

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Many people think this is a different breed, but the mini version of the basset is just due to dwarfism. They are an extremely friendly animal, both to humans and other animals. Their docile nature also makes them one of the betterd dogs around children. They do have a persona of being lazy, but off leash they have some decent agilty and will chase small game. It's important that you walk them every day to help them maintain and healthy weight.

One of the more distiquishable traits of the miniature basset hound is is howl. The will make several different noises to gain your attention or beg for more food. The tone of the voice can help determine sometimes what they are in the mood for, but it's not an exact science. One of the best characteristics is their loyalty. They hate to be alone and will stick to your side all day. Here are some pictures of the miniature basset hound.