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Bichon Frise Pictures
Some information regarding a bichon frise puppy picture
Appearance of the Bichon Frise Puppy Pictures

The Bichone Frise Pictures will show you how this is definitely of the smaller breeds of dogs. Each bichon puppy image shows its great curly white coat with black nose and black eys. It's proportional body makes the pictures of a bichon frise beautiful.
You won't find many breeds that are as happy and spunky as the bichon frise. In fact, most pictures and images will show their cheerful side. As a family pet, the bichon frise thrives on playing around and show affection for their owner. Even around kids, you can see the bichon frise's nuturing side and sensitivity to children and other small animals.

On the flip side, the bichon frise puppy has a very energetic quality. For no reason at all you might see them go nuts and run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. This is known as the bichon blitz. Once you puppy or dog has run out of gas, they will typically fall over and take a power nap only to get ready for their next burst of engery. Train your bichon frise puppy well. The proper training will insure that they are obedient

Bichon Frises can be  obedient dog if you start training at a puppy and continue the training frequently. Pictures will always show they fun loving side, but that comes with some coaching.
Hypoallergenic qualities and shedding photos

Other photos of the bichon frise will show the curly coat of the puppy and dog. Being a non-shedding dog, the bichon frise make a great pet for those who have allergies. Below are some more fantastic images and pictures of the bichon frise.
Mortality (Longevity)

A nice thing about the bichon frise is they always take good photos. Even up until their death, they will smile for the camera picture. However, the average life of a bichon frise is around 12-13 years. So take as many pictures and images as you can as they grow from a puppy to a dog.

Bichon Frise Pictures

bichon frise image
bichon frise mix photo
Bichon Frise Mix Photo
Bichon Frise Image
bichon frise photos
bichon frise picture
bichon frise puppy picture
bichon puppy picture
cute bichon frise picture
Bichon Frise Photo
Bichon Frise Picture
Cute Bichon Frise Picture
Bichon Frise Puppy Picture
white bichon frise photo
pictures of bichon frise
puppy bichon frise image
Pictures of Bichon Frise
Bichon Puppy Picture
White Bichon Frise Photo
Puppy Bichon Frise Image
Other Information

The bichon frise carries it's name with many characteristics to this small breed. They can be extremely affectionate and at the same time full of so much energy you don't know what to do. Pictures will show the bichon frise resembling that of a cotton ball because of it's curly coat. Most often than not, the breed's coat is white.

History explains that the bichon frise came about some time in the 13th century. The Spanish would trade the bichon frise for goods and the breed quickly expanded all around the world. Painters loved the bichon frise puppy for their livelyness. These days the bichon frise puppy and dog are used primarily as family pets.

Standards of the Bichon Frise

Most bichon frise dogs grow to around 10-11 inches. They wouldn't be accepted in AKC standards if they grow to be over 1 foot or under 9 inches. The body is one quarter longer than it's height.

Bichon Frise Head

The bichon frise's eyes should be black or bread and equally apart looking forward. There is a dar section around the bichon frise eyes that help to accentuate them. A bichon frise has ears which do hand down and covered by their curly white hair.

Bichon Frise Neck

The bichon frise neck is long enough and sturdy enough to support it's head. The next quickly blends into their sholders giving a muscular look. Pictures show the bichon frise to have a tail that will stick up and fairly perpendicular to it's back.

Bichon Frise Coat

The undercoat is typically a softer feel than its outercoat. Most people will compare their coat to the feel of velvet. Pictures will show how the bichon frise will puff up once bathed.
Bichon Frise Puppy
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