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There is no doubt that at one point in your life, you have encountered the labrador retreiver. These kind dogs are considered one of the more affection loving dogs you will run into. They are outgoing and often prefer to be outside whenever possible. However when indoors they will try to be your 80 pound lap dog. As far as origins, they were first used for hunting and are still good at tracking a scent to its origin. If food, you will quickly notice that these dogs will steal whatever they find. However, they are naturally inclined to hold things in their mouth so be sure to have bones, tennis balls, or whatever chewable toys you can find. As their name says, they love to retreive so you may be spending hours at a time throwing the ball.

Tempermanent wise, the labrador puppy is a fairly docile dog. Although they can get excited, they are very gentle around humans, especially kids. With the right training, they have been known to be some of the best helper dogs with the hearing and blind. Because they are built as a working dog, they regularly need to be doing something. As an independant dog, they can get out of hand occasionaly so make sure you train them as a puppy so they can be well behaived as an adult do.

Labs can be a loud dog as they will bark at noise that they don't recognize or can't see. That doesn't mean they make good guard dogs as they love all people, but you can feel a little safer with them around. Appteite wise, expect them to eat you out of your house. They aren't aware of portion control so it will be up to you to make sure they stay fit and healthy.