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German Shepherd Husky Mix
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German Shepherd Husky Mix
German Shepherd Husky Puppy
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Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppy
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In this case, the mixed breed is a best of both worlds. With the beautifuil features of a husky and shepherd, they are extremely smart and agile. The only downside is they are extremely stubborn and will often fight you on the most basic commands. However, with proper training they will stay loyal, unless sidetracked by other animals.

Siberian shepherd mix puppies are shedding machines. Constant brushing and grooming is a must of you want to keep a clean house. As far as health, you can expect your siberian to live roughly 13-14 years and not have to many health issues. Eye problems may pop up in their later years, but not common. Primarily thery were bred to pull sleds so exercise is key to making sure the don't go obese or get lazy.

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