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Japanese Chin Puppies

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Japanese Chin Puppies
Japanese Chin Puppy Info
The japanese chin is another smaller type of breed, only weighing in at 5-10 pounds. This dog has many similar traits as a cat, especially when it comes to cleaning itself. It's alertness aslo gives them the ability to sleep on high up areas and hide from people when it doesn't want to be social. However, it is a very loyal dog and will also wag and be happy when confronting people. It's important to socialize the Japnese Chin so it keeps this trait from puppy to dog. They are entertainment dogs so expect some interesting things such as chasing the tail, standing on two legs, and other acts to gain your attention.

Below are some different pictures of the Japanese Chin Puppy. You will notice that many of it's facial markings stay consistant withthe white strip up the head. For more information, be sure to take a look at some more links on the left. The Japanese Chin Puppy is a great animal and will make a great addition to your household.
akc japanese chin
cute japanese chin puppy
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japanese chin picture
japanese chin puppies
japanese chin puppy
japanese chin
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