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Jack Russell Puppies

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Jack Russell Puppies
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Jack Russells are primarily known for their work ethic. Bred as hunting dogs to flush out small game, they quickly grew in popularity for catching badgers, groundhogs and even foxes. Because of their nature, they carry this hunting characteristic into the household. The Jack Russell has enough engery to wear anyone out and will often go for hours bouncing around the house. Be sure to devote at least an hour a day to giving them physical activity, otherwise you could be looking at your favorite shoe ripped up.

You will often see the Jack Russle puppies in many agility shows. They are great at catching frisbees, running courses, or jumping long distances. They are fairly stubborn so be sure to train often. They can be aggressive to people they don't know or even other dogs. They don't realize their size in stature and believe they should be the pack leader in many occasions. Take a look at some different images below and see why so many people choose the Jack Russell puppy.
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jack russell dog
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jack russell puppies
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jack russell puppy
jack russell
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