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Irish Setter Puppies

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Irish Setter Puppies
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The irish setter is one of the best family pets. There extremely loyal and always eager to meet new people. Being a hunting breed, we wouldn't recommend having smaller animals around such as a cat. However, if your an active person, then the irish setter is perfect for you. They will love to go on long walks and play with you all day long. They are very playful so make sure you train them well before going off leash. Take a look at some different images and photos below to get a better idea of the Irish Setter. These cute puppies grow into lovable dogs and will surely make you happy for many years to come. Also take a look at the links on the left to learn more about this breed.
cute irish setter
irish setter dog
irish setter picture
irish setter puppies
irish setter puppy
irish setter
irish terrier puppy
setter puppies
young irish setter
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