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The toy dog includes any teacup puppy breed that is very small in nature. Certain breeds have even been even altered to be smaller and thus classified into this grouping. Some more common teacups are chihuahas, maltese, poodle, and terriers. Many families like this size as they don't take much maintenance, walking them is a breeze, and older people enjoy the companionship as lap dogs.

The teacup or toy group have been recognized by many different kennel clubs, although specific breeds can vary whether or not they are classifiedin the same groupings. The only major kennel club that has yet to recongize the teacup is the United Kennel Club of the United States who primarily register hunting dogs. They were willing to possibly open up a "companion group" because they don't like the idea of "toy" meaning dogs are play toys, but people are hesitant to make the change.