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Papillon Puppies
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Not one of the more familiar breeds of animal, the papillon is a smaller dog who is extremely loyal to their owners. They are considered very smart and enjoy being trained in various tricks. As puppies, it's important to socialize them as they do get aggresive with strangers or other small dogs if not properly introduced. They can be easily trained to obey and break that habit, but make sure you use a lot of positive reinforcement.

Papillon puppies love to play around. They will have plenty of energy to last with you all day so make sure you spend at least an hour a day giving them exercise. If not you will have a papillon puppy bouncing off the walls annoying you until you play with them. It's ideal if you have a backyard to give them sound outdoor play during the day. They are fairly good with cold temperature, but with their short fur, it's not wise to leave them out for too long. Below are several images of the Papillon. You will notice how their playful nature shows up in every photo.